Clermont and
Beyond, Julius Paul

From being just an ordinary black boy to being everything he desired to be.

About The Author

From the African American community, Julius Paul Montgomery knows what the black experience is while growing up. But what really made him feel on his own was his darker complexion, and that led to him facing blatant colorism even from his own community. In his loneliness the only shining light he saw was his father. With the passage of time, it became clear to Julius that there were a lot less opportunities for people of color, especially African Americans. It was his experiences while growing up that inspired Julius to strike his own path in the world. Determined to fight against the stereotypes, Julius Paul Montgomery enlisted in the army, serving for twenty-one distinguished years.

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About the Book

Clermont and Beyond is an autobiography of a blackboy, Julius Paul. From the beginning, Julius did not have enough exposure, but he knew what success was—living life as per your own desire. Even though he understood the complexity of the world, Julius did not let it come in his way. With time, he learned that his color is an issue, and he will forever be ill-treated for having a different skin color. Unlike most people, Julius had made his mind to stand for a change. Instead of being accepting, Julius worked hard and proved that black was just his skin color and his heart and mind were made of gold.

Julius’ definition of success had always been different. For him, success wasn’t just working for the whites. It included the ones who struggled hard to make their own identity. The ones who stood up against all odds, against racism. Only a few people came close to “being successful,” according to Julius, and amongst these people, he holds his father the dearest.

To inspire young black children, Julius has penned down his life experiences. The best way to create awareness and motivate others is by being authentic and telling them the truth.

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Reinstating the Idea of Adjusting with Passion

Understanding the complexity of this world is extremely difficult; racism, bullying, harassment, and abuse exist in every dimension, making lives challenging and tough. Pouring down intense emotions, Julius has explained his life experiences in his book Mama’s Black Child to reexplain the idea of adjustment and the need for passion.
While being a target of racism with minimum exposure and low job opportunities, the problem stemmed when Julius concluded that even with his own community, he is not fully compatible. By modifying and understanding the core difference between success and mistaken definition of success to serving in the armed forces, Julius proved that color does not define one as a person—it is the determination and dedication that counts.

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